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Man to Man

31 May 201327 Jun 2013

★★★★ 'a visceral, twisted fairytale' Time Out
★★★★ 'it remains the record of a classic performance' The Times

Featuring Tilda Swinton in a tour de force one-woman performance, Man to Man is a reworking of East German dramatist Manfred Karge's play about a woman who experiences 50 years of German history in the guise of a working man.

Fearing destitution, Ella Gericke (Swinton), a roughly angelic young woman, assumes the identity of her deceased husband, Max, and continues life as a crane operator in Weimar Germany. With a rabbit's foot in her britches as an ersatz penis, Ella-now-Max takes to the world of men, the 'beer and schnapps and bugger all else'.

Swinton portrays over a dozen characters, male and female. Filmmaker Sally Potter has said recently that she was impressed by the 'profound subtlety about the way she [Swinton] took on male body language and handled maleness and femaleness' which drew her to cast Swinton in her breakthrough role as Orlando (also screening at the ICA on 1 and 2 June, from a 35mm print).

Director Introduction
Join us at the opening screening on Friday 31 May for an introduction to Man to Man by director John Maybury.

Man to Man, dir. John Maybury, UK 1992, 72 mins, cert. 18


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