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Still: Mad Detective

Mad Detective

18 Jul 200831 Jul 2008

"This brilliant, funny Hong Kong thriller puts Hollywood to shame." **** The Times - The Knowledge

"Without doubt, Hong Kong cinema at its most entertainly off-beat"  Bizarre 

"A quality genre film and a deadpan treasure" The Independent 

Director/writer/producer Johnnie To, Hong Kong's prime mover in the crime genre (PTU, Election, Exiled), returns with frequent creative collaborator Wai Ka Fai for a thrilling, complex and psychologically fascinating action-drama. The idea of an outcast detective who uses unconventional and violent methods to crack cases may feel familiar, but To and Wai give it a fresh and exciting spin: their anti-hero Bun has the power to actually see the personal demons of those he meets. Given one last chance to prove himself, Bun embarks on a case that requires him to use all of his very special methods.

Dir Johnnie To, Wai Ka Fai, Hong Kong/China 2007, 89 mins, Cert 15, subtitles


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