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Still: Mad Detective

Mad Detective

7 Jun 2008

Lau Ching Wan offers an amazing performance as Bun, a schizophrenic police inspector solving crimes in his own unorthodox way. After cutting off his own ear, Bun presents it to the retiring chief of police as a leaving present and is fired. Five years later, another calls on Bun, and his multiple personalities, to help solve an apparently uncrackable case. From Hong Kong cinema maestro Johnnie To (Election, PTU).

To celebrate the release of Mad Detective, part of the Tiger Film Festival, we've teamed up with Eureka to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Mikio Naruse DVD box set. 

This lavish box set includes Repast, Flowing, Sound Of The Mountain, accompanied by a 72 page book. 'Repast' (1951) is set shortly after World War II, and tells the story of a struggling marriage between salaryman Hatsunosuke (Ken Uehara) and his wife Michiyo (Setsuko Hara). 'Sound Of The Mountain' (1954) is one of Naruse's best-known and most respected films, typifying his preferred genre of shomin-geki (films about the daily lives of ordinary people). 'Flowing' (1956) was released in the year that prostitution was outlawed in Japan. The film explores the inner workings of a changing world, as traditional geishas faced the impending decline of their hidden way of life and the looming spectre of prostitution.

Naruse DVD box set


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Dir Johnnie To, Hong Kong 2007, 89 mins, subtitles


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