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Image: Lustfaust and Schneider TM

Lustfaust + Black Carrot + Dandelion & Burdock

25 Jul 2008

Oh yah! Lustfaust, originally an experimental noise band active in West Berlin during the late 70s and early 1980s have returned. And in anticipation of this re-appearance in the ICA's media mix tent at this year’s Big Chill festival the ICA has organized a warm up show featuring krautrock, free-jazz and experi-mentalism in equal measure.

Lustfaust haven't been heard since their brief comeback at Haunch Of Venison Gallery in Berlin last year (the results of which found their way onto a limited edition split 7" with Schneider TM): this is your chance to experience Lustfaust and leader Peter Kruger live, with a raft of contemporary musicians chosen by Lustfaust themselves.

Prepare yourself for fun – dada style – and discover a very special band whose approach to music has inspired countless contemporaries (think Bauhaus, think The Scorpions, think Tangerine Dream). Lustfaust, who operated an anti-capitalist community-based model of distribution throughout their career (send the band a blank cassette and they would return it with their latest release) combine aggressive on-stage presence with modern found-object instrumentation.

The supporting line up includes extreme visuals from the award wining Dandelion & Burdock and music from Black Carrot, the musical wing of the metal vegetarian movement. Plus we have DJing from Illustrated London Noise in the ICA bar – playing suitable slabs of rare vinyl.

Contribute a video for the brand new Lustfaust track Sous Vide at for your chance to join the band onstage at the Big Chill festival 2008.


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