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Christian Lehmann, Barfuss Ohne Hut, 1964

LSFF: Youth Through The Decades Part #1

14 Jan 2017

The first part in a double-bill of documentaries spanning the decades, examining the dreams and aspirations of each generation of ‘youth’ past. Where possible, these classic films are being screened from original formats including 35mm, presenting a rare chance to see these hard-to-catch films on the big screen.


Part One: Fifties, Sixties & Seventies

Teddy boys to hippies, these decades of growth saw a new generation of young people with aspirations and dreams alongside new money to realise them. The revolutions of these times shaped the modern world.

  • We Are The Lambeth Boys, Karel Reisz, UK 1958, 48 mins

    On the cusp of adulthood, this film follows South London teens at work, at home and at leisure, filmed handheld in the characteristic black and white of ‘Free Cinema’ realism, giving the boys space to express their frustrations, apprehensions and aspirations.

  • Barefoot And Without A Hat, Jürgen Böttcher, Germany 1964, 26 mins

    Parties and good times intersperse sober moments of contemplation for Barefoot and Without a Hat’s twenty-something subjects. They discuss their past achievements and dreams, reflecting a serious future within the DDR at odds with the carefree, colourful attitude of the Sixties.

  • Sean, Ralph Arlyck, US 1970, 14 mins

    With its rare and frank portrayal of this barefoot, mop-topped child, Sean drew both acclaim and tapped into a generational anxiety of those who saw society’s moral failings as the Seventies progressed.


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E.g., 18-09-2018