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Jeanne Liotta, Eclipse, 2005

LSFF: Special Event: MicroMacro Film - A Cosmonaut's Trip + Introduction

12 Jan 2016

A programme looking at the role of space exploration in experimental film, featuring archive footage by pioneers of early cinema alongside animation and contemporary artists’ moving image works. 

In parallel with the exhibition Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age at the Science Museum in London, we investigate cinematic reactions to outer space, from the first footage filmed through a telescope to contemporary works by artists interested in topics such as gravity and its loss, space exploration and representation of the limitless. 

Programme curated by Giulia Saccogna. With introductions by Doug Millard, Senior Curator of the Cosmonauts exhibition at Science Museum, and Dr Mike Allen, Senior Lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London and author of Live From the Moon: Film, Television and the Space Race. Visit the MicroMacro film website for further information.


  • Eclipse of the Moon, Topical Budget 530-1, UK 1921, 2 mins    
  • Voyage autour d'une étoile, dir. Gaston Velle, France 1906, 5 mins    
  • Les Astronautes, dir. Walerian Borowczyk / Chris Marker, France 1959, 12 mins    
  • Synchronisation, dir. Rimas Sakalauskas, Lithuania 2009, 8 mins    
  • Shadow Sites II, dir. Jananne Al-Ani, UK 2011, 9 mins    
  • A Trip to the Planets, uncredited, US 1920, 16 mins    
  • Moon, dir. Christian Volckman / Raphael Thierry, France 2013, 4 mins    
  • Pioneer, dir Jakub Korselt, Czech Republic 2014, 3 mins
  • Brilliant Noise, dir. Semiconductor, UK 2006, 6 mins    
  • Eclipse, dir. Jeanne Liotta, US 2005, 3 mins    
  • Particles in Space, dir. Len Lye, US 1979, 4 mins


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E.g., 15-10-2018