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Philip Ilson and Tim Harding, the Halloween Society

LSFF: Retrospective: The Halloween Society + Q&A

9 Jan 2016

A Q&A follows the screening.

The London Short Film Festival has its roots in the Halloween Society. This was initially a collective name for the films that schoolfriends (LSFF Director) Philip Ilson and Tim Harding started making in the late 1980s. Self-taught, they naively experimented with a Bolex 16mm camera and a video 8 camera, eventually making surreal gothic tales, strange music videos for friends' bands and visual projections for clubs and live shows.

Visually influenced by the likes of Kenneth Anger psychedelia, kitsch 50s horror and sci-fi and Victorian magic lanterns, the films and Q&A give an insight into the DIY roots of the LSFF.

The night is dedicated to the memory of Richard Connor, who became a third Halloween Society member, helping with set design and appearing on screen, but who sadly passed away in 2013.


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