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LSFF: Oska Bright Touring Programme

7 Jan 2017

The leading international festival of shorts made by people and artistes with learning disabilities brings its eclectic mix to LSFF. Andrea Arnold (Fish Tank, American Honey) says “Oska Bright is brilliant!” – come and see why.


  • Like In The Movies, Poti Pictures, Francesco Faralli and Daniele Bonarini, 5 Mins
  • One Fine Day, Freefall Dance Company and Sima Gonsai, 7 Mins
  • Skin Touching Sky, Emma Norton, Kat Worth and Alta Truden, 5 Mins
  • Just Me, Matthew Kennedy, 3 Mins
  • The Fourth, William Hanekom, 5 Mins
  • Bastion, Ray Jacobs, Jonathan Tritton and James Doolan, 10 Mins
  • Chair Enough, Alexander Busse and Kuesti Fraun, 5 Mins
  • Whinston Norville Dines Again At The Gothique, Eric Bent, 5 Mins
  • A Skeleton's Best Friend, Lissea Jordan, 2 Mins
  • #Cocobutter, The Fish Police, 3 Mins
  • Kairo, Aron Krause, 4 Mins
  • Creatures Of The Revolution, Sabien Gator, 3 Mins
  • Hardcore On Tour, Zombie Crash, 4 Mins

The programme runs for 57 minutes.


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E.g., 16-07-2018