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LSFF: New Shorts: Experiments: Leftfield & Luscious

8 Jan 2017

LSFF’s traditional Sunday matinee of the festival’s least conventional shorts. A showcase of the best new experimental short film, from ground-breaking animation to immersive, off-kilter drama to formal explorations of the moving image. Experience the remote landscapes of Iceland and the icy view of JG Ballard, along with abstract sounds from E-da Kazuhisa (The Boredoms).


  • Man On The Hill, Daisy Dickinson, 4 mins
  • Always (Crashing), Simon Barker and Jason Wood, 14 mins
  • Silent Film, Matthew Stuart Smith, 5 mins
  • The Factory, Thomas Phelan, 2 mins
  • Hard Working People, Michael Salkeld, 4 mins
  • Frott Age, Benjamin Fox, 3 mins
  • Mr. Isseiifoas, Jack Wormell, 1 mins
  • Bomb Bomb Discontent, Arban Severin, 4 mins
  • Hark, Villians!, Neil Clarke and Dana Olărescu, 3 mins
  • Shoes That Walk Alone, Annie Watson, 5 mins
  • Baitball, Benjamin Fox, 1 min
  • Neck And Neck, Shaun Clark, 5 mins
  • I Woke Up Before I Went To Sleep, Tim Harrison, 4 mins
  • Kinetic_Air, Luiza Cruz-Flade and Fred Flade, 4 mins
  • Ones, Anne Verheij, 7 mins
  • Sulphur Spring, Oscar Oldershaw and Joe Campbell, 3 mins
  • Waterfall, Tom Lock Griffiths, 18 mins

The programme runs for 87 minutes.


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E.g., 25-09-2018