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LSFF: New Shorts: Experiments: Celluloid Traces

LSFF: New Shorts: Experiments: Celluloid Traces

8 Jan 2017

Embrace your nostalgia of all things analogue in this varied programme of textural experiments with the crackling aesthetic of Super 8, found footage dug from the archives and the familiar fuzziness of early VHS. The projector itself becomes performance with work from Bea Haut as a live 16mm piece with audience participation, and exciting new work by artists Lucy Harris, Jessica Sarah Rinland, Mark Jenkin and Emmaalouise Smith.


  • Pending, Bea Haut, 3 Mins
  • Model Village, Lucy Harris, 4 mins
  • Silent House, David Leister, 3 mins
  • 1960::Movie::Still, Stuart Pound, 2 mins
  • Moving Across Opposite Directions, Guli Silberstein, 6 mins
  • Dear Marianne, Mark Jenkin, 6 mins
  • 31 Days, Stuart Moore, 4 mins
  • The Peregrine, Oliver Eglin, 3 mins
  • And Yet, They Still Look To The Sky…, Emmaalouise Smith, 5 mins
  • The Road To Zennor, Mark Jenkin, 2 mins
  • Widows, Susu Laroche, 4 mins
  • The Lady With The Long Brown Hair, Mark Jenkin, 1 min
  • Soramimi, Daisy Dickinson and Julia Laird, 3 mins
  • The Flight Of An Ostrich (Schools Interior), Jessica Sarah Rinland, 4 mins
  • Artefacts From An Imagined Documentary (Proposed) Three, Duncan Ganley, 4 mins
  • Obsolete & Discontinued (Here’s Something For You To Play With), Helen Nias, 2 mins
  • The Essential Cornishman, Mark Jenkin, 6 mins
  • The Rules Of The Game, Julia Dogra-Brazell, 3 mins
  • Memory Lane, Alberto Varet Pascual, 4 mins
  • Batum, Kamila Kuc 9 mins
  • To Be A Ghost, Stuart Pound, 2 mins
  • Overthrow, Matty Groves, 4 mins

The programme runs for 84 minutes.


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E.g., 20-11-2018