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Olga Yakimenko, Matter Patterns, 2014

LSFF: New Shorts: Docs: Science & Nature: We Don't Need Our GCSES

11 Jan 2015

Put your preconceptions aside and experience some radically new approaches to conveying the world around us.

In this brilliant selection of shorts, you'll find imaginative, subversive, personal and striking ways of exploring science and nature. Forget talking heads and lab coats, prepare for animation, contemplation, humour, poetry, abstraction and expressionism. GCSEs are out, learning is in.

Dr Brené Brown, "The Power Of Empathy”, Katy Davis, 3 mins., UK
Matter Patterns, Olga Yakimenko, 11 mins., UK
Memoirs, Susan Aldworth, 7 mins., UK
Misophonia, Marianne Skovdahl, 25 mins., UK
Small Wonders, Katie Goodwin, 14 mins., UK
The Weight Of Mountains, Temujin Doran, 12 mins., UK

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