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LSFF: I am Dora: Free, White and 21

11 Jan 2017

How do you survive London in 2017? The 7/7 bombings, the London Riots, Olympic ‘regeneration’ and now Brexit have left London feeling less the hotbed of creativity and radical subculture and more an oppressive structure that many struggle to dismantle.

Free, White and 21 takes short films that tackle tensions between Women Of Colour artists and institutions, activism and the state and media, rave culture and gentrification, immigration and belonging, and puts them in dialogue with contemporary events. Films include work by Mark Leckey (Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore, 1999), Alnoor Dewshi (Latifah and Himli's Nomadic Uncle, 1992) and Menelik Shabazz (Blood Ah Go Run, 1982).

Followed by a panel of contemporary thinkers including Shola Amoo (director, A Moving Image), Cassie Quarless and Usayd Younis (directors, Generation Revolution) and journalist Kieran Yates (co-author of Generation Vexed) who all put this anxiety at the heart of their work.

I am Dora is a curatorial initiative that explores how and why women identify with one another.


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E.g., 26-09-2018