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Harmony Korine, A Crack up at the Race Riots

LSFF: Harmony Korine Weekender with Mubi: A Crack Up at the Race Riots

17 Jan 2016

An adaptation of Harmony Korine's experimental novel, A Crack Up at the Race Riots by the Belgian collective Leo Gabin, appropriating amateur video: teenage girls performing for webcams, remixed pop songs, glistening rims on beaten up cadillacs, derelict shopping malls and plenty of palm trees and sunsets.

Passages from Korine’s novel are sampled throughout the film, primarily as a series of suicide notes. Leo Gabin and Harmony Korine have collaborated indirectly in the past, as Gabin provided Korine with online videos to inspire the writing of Spring Breakers. This adaptation here continues a loose artistic collaboration, as Korine's dada novel is remixed into feature film collage, creating a microscope onto the ways popular media influences loneliness, boredom, and leisure in heavily landscaped, economically devastated areas of America, and a new meaning out of seemingly banal videos. 



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E.g., 15-10-2018