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Andrew Kötting, By Our Selves, 2014

LSFF: Andrew Kötting + Iain Sinclair: By Our Selves: A Work in Progress + in conversation

16 Jan 2015

Following a successful collaboration between filmmaker Andrew Kötting and writer and psychogeographer Iain Sinclair in 2011 with Swandown, the duo return with By Our Selves.

By Our Selves retraces 19th century poet John Clare's journey on foot from Epping Forest up into Northamptonshire. The film will feature Iain Sinclair, magus Alan Moore, Toby Jones (as Clare) and a Straw Bear (as played by Kötting).

As a great English pilgrimage and a self-enacted novel in the tradition of Pilgrim's Progress, the walk was documented using pinhole photography and video and also exists as a gallery installation which includes work by Nick Gordon Smith, Anonymous Bosch, Jem Finer and Eden Kötting.

Andrew Kötting and Iain Sinclair will join us in conversation to discuss this on-going project and screening clips.

By Our Selves, dir. Andrew Kötting, 2014

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