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Alnoor Dewshi, 77 Beds, 2004

LSFF: Alnoor Dewshi: Off The Cuff + In Conversation with Andrew Kotting

11 Jan 2017

As part of With Teeth 2017, LSFF has commissioned Alnoor Dewshi to create a new work, premiered here, as part of a retrospective screening of his work alongside other proponents of a ‘get-out-there-and-do-it’ school of thought. This programme includes a screening of an early work by Shane Meadows and an abridged gallery piece by artist filmmaker Rachel McLean, followed by Alnoor Dewshi in conversation with another provocative DIY filmmaker Andrew Kotting.


  • Anton and Minty, Alnoor Dewshi, 1995, 18 mins
  • Jomeo and Ruliet, Alnoor Dewshi,1998, 4 mins
  • Shush, Alnoor Dewshi, 2000, 1 min
  • Spiritual Rampage, Alnoor Dewshi, 2003, 10 mins
  • 77 Beds, Alnoor Dewshi, 2004, 10 mins
  • Over The Rainbow, Rachel Mclean, 2013, 7 mins
  • Where’s The Money, Ronnie?, Shane Meadows, 1996, 14 mins
  • LSFF With Teeth Commission, Alnoor Dewshi, 2016

The programme runs for 90 minutes followed by the conversation.


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E.g., 18-09-2018