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LSFF 2019: Unvictiming

12 Jan 2019

After Hours, Dir. Jane Campion, Australia, 1984, 24 min

Recently, our cultural consciousness has become suffused with stories of sexual violence – women’s stories that span decades. Finally, we are listening and believing. Yet, largely careless and titillating depictions of rape and sexual violence continue to dominate – ELLE, Nocturnal Animals, Gone Girl. Unvictiming interrogates how we could (re)present sexual violence. 
Bringing together largely overlooked short films on the subject, Another Gaze: A Feminist Film Journal has selected a five decades-spanning series of short films on this subject as seen by women filmmakers. From Mendieta to Campion, this selection of work will be presented in context with a post-screening discussion. 86 minutes.
Jane Campion, After Hours, 1984, 24 min
Rungano Nyoni, Listen, 2014, 12 min
Jennifer Reeves, Girls Daydream About Hollywood, 1992, 5 min
Jennifer Montgomery, Home Avenue, 1989, 17 min
Deborah Stratman, Untied, 2001, 3 min
Ruth Novaczek, Tea Leaf, 1989, 10min
Fiona Rukschcio, A Trial, The Transcript, 2015, 10 min
Jean Shaw, Fear, 1973, 5 min


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