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That's What I Call 80's Short Film

LSFF 2019: Now! That’s What I Call 80’s Short Film

11 Jan 2019

London Story, Dir. Sally Potter, UK, 1986, 15 min

The 80s! British artists were young, emboldened and equipped with just a camcorder. Helming a loose festival-wide retrospective of the decade and the tenacity that came to define its makers, we present the formative calling cards of the decade’s graduating class, now established and prolific British directors among the industry’s greats. 
From the early experiments of Clio Barnard and Andrew Kötting, to the playful parody of Sally Potter, to the thoroughly low budget period drama of Harry Potter’s David Yates, these films are rebellious, rough around the edges and speak to the 80s’ nurturing of burgeoning creative talent.
David Yates, When I Was a Girl, 1988, UK, 22 min
Andrew Kötting, Klipperty Klop, 1984, UK, 12 min
Carol Salter, Pleasure Gardens, 1981, UK, 1 min
Clio Barnard, The Limits of Vision 1: Still Life, 1988, UK, 4 min
Sally Potter, London Story, 1986, UK, 15 min
Ngozi Onwurah, Coffee Coloured Children, 1988, UK, 16 min
Julian Temple, Biceps of Steel, 1980, UK, 13 min

We will welcome many of the directors for a post-screening Q&A.


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