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Out of History

LSFF 2019: New Shorts Competition International: Out of History

13 Jan 201918 Jan 2019

T.R.A.P., Dir. Manque La Banca, Argentina, 16 min, Spanish with English subtitles

This international selection sifts through the rubble of history, finding new meaning in the aesthetics, ideology and artefacts of the past. Whether it be finding parallels between the romantic mysticism of medieval knights and the political dissenters of today or the timely excavation of surveillance footage from the Attica Riots, these shorts (including the animated extravaganza This Magnificent Cake!) are unique, urgent explorations of the now, filtered through the lens of a darker past. 82 minutes.


Manque La Banca, T.R.A.P., Argentina, 16 min

Alexander Johnston, Evidence of the Evidence, US, 22 min

Marc James Roels/Emma De Swaef, This Magnificent Cake!, Belgium, 44 min

Please note, this programme contains racist language, real violence and unsimulated sex.


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E.g., 31-07-2021