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It (Still) Ain't Half Racist, Mum!

LSFF 2019: It (Still) Ain't Half Racist, Mum!

17 Jan 2019

It Ain’t Half Racist, Mum, BBC, UK, 1979, 30 min

In partnership with the Stuart Hall Foundation, we present a screening and roundtable revisiting and reflecting on academic and activist Stuart Hall’s 1979 televisual essay, It Ain’t Half Racist, Mum.
Produced for the BBC’s Open Door series (1973–1983), an experiment in unfiltered access television handing over the airwaves of a Monday evening a week to marginalized voices, Stuart Hall presents a rigorous deconstruction of the racism – both explicit and more insidious in its subtlety – of the British media from within.
Alongside the original episode, we will screen the moving image work, Don’t Look at the Finger (2017), by artist Hetain Patel which explores, through choreography and sign, how symbols of historical cultural traditions and languages can become blurred and entangled.
The screening will anchor a wider panel discussion on race, representation and cultural production forty years on since the original BBC broadcast. The panel includes Patel as well as researcher and archive curator, Matthew Harle; the BFI’s UK Filmography Researcher, Melanie Hoyes; Chair of the Stuart Hall Foundation, Sue Woodford-Hollick; and LSE Fellow in Film Studies, Dr Clive Nwonka.



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