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Cosey Fanni Tutti: On Film and In Conversation

LSFF 2019: Cosey Fanni Tutti: On Film and In Conversation

18 Jan 2019

After Cease To Exist, Dir. Cosey Fanni Tutti, UK, 1977, 21 mins, English

Over some 40 years, Cosey Fanny Tutti has explored the extremities of sonic and visual language according to the body’s sensory workings and its consumptive image.
Various experimental collectives – COUM Transmission, Throbbing Gristle and, more recently, Carter Tutti – have been counterpointed with her own performative self-imaging. Whether located in the soft porn industry of the late Seventies or private solo actions of the Nineties, Cosey has continued to collapse the personal, experiential and abstract into music and art. 
Adopted mediums have been deployed by Cosey as concept and action necessitated and this has historically included film, of which three we will be screening. 60 minutes.
Cosey will be in conversation with author Jack Sargeant (Deathtripping: The Cinema of Transgression) following the screening. Sophie Coletta will be DJing in the bar after the Q&A. Sophie has DJed at events alongside COUM Transmissions (Hull, 2017), Factory Floor, Gazelle Twin and Chris & Cosey.
After Cease to Exist, 1977, 21 min
Audio Visual Performance (Tate Tubine Hall), 2010, 19 min (edit)
Harmonic Coumaction, 2017, 20 min


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