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The Art of Industry

LSFF 2019: The Art of Industry

12 Jan 2019

Xiong Di (Fellas), Dir. Ribes and Martinez, Spain, 2016, 6 min, Mandarin with English subtitles

Inspired by the artistry of Bert Haanstra’s Oscar-winning 1958 Dutch short Glas and taking up the discussion of representation from recent feature documentaries A Northern Soul and Sound It Out, this non-fiction programme looks to the humanity of industry, asking questions of class identity and documentary’s legacy of ‘poverty porn’. Seeking to capture the current realities of post-industrial regions and excavate past truths of industry in motion, we will follow with an open discussion, inviting dialogue around the need for authentic and positive representations of industrial and working-class communities on screen. Programmed by Jen Corcoran. 51 minutes.
Bert Haanstra, Glas, 1958, Netherlands, 10 min
Amber Films, Six to Midnight, 1974, UK, 17 min
Jesse Epstein, 34 x 25 x 36, 2008, US, 7 min
Ribes and Martinez, Xiong Di (Fellas), 2016, Spain, 6 min
Andrea Morningstar, Dinner With Ms. Chris, 2015, US, 3 min
Nathan Glendinning, The Boneyard, 2018, UK, 2 min
Chris Thomas, Land of Steel, 2018, UK, 2 min
Lucy Bridger, Soft Serve, 2015, UK, 4 min


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