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Love Exposure, dir Sion Sono, Japan 2009

Love Exposure

30 Oct 200926 Nov 2009

Running almost four hours, the new film from cult Japanese director Sion Sono is a riot of extremes, an exhilarating tour through any number of genres, styles, plot turns, perversions and emotional states.

The odyssey begins when teenager Yu attempts to strengthen his relationship with his Catholic priest father by committing sins so that they can bond through his confessions. This leads him to become involved in the seedy but profitable world of upskirt photography (which he masters using ninja techniques), which in turn leads him to be stalked by a glamorous female posse, which in turn leads him to street-brawling schoolgirl Yuko. Although the fact that she only knows him through his female alter-ego Lady Scorpion confuses things a bit. A crazy, pinwheeling extravaganza that fully rewards the time you’ll be happy to invest in it.

A Third Window release.

dir Sion Sono, Japan 2009, 237 mins (plus a 15 mins interval), 35mm, subtitles.


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