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Still: Love and Honour

Love and Honour

12 Dec 200815 Jan 2009

**** Empire

**** Channel 4

"A fervent, sweet-natured tragic romance." The Guardian

" a director who knows precisely what he is doing". The Evening Standard

We are very happy to be releasing this beautifully sustained and stylish final film in Japanese filmmaker Yoji Yamada's samurai trilogy (following the Oscar-nominated The Twilight Samurai and The Hidden Blade). Court food taster Shinnojo (Japanese superstar Takuya Kimura) goes blind and his wife tries to provide for them, but is seduced by a feudal boss. Shinnojo feels his honour has been sullied and he wants revenge, so he is forced into a deadly blind-man's duel. Cue elegant and refined swordplay in impressively traditional style.

Dir Yoji Yamada, Japan, 2007, 121 mins, subtitles, Cert 12A


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E.g., 20-09-2018