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The Long Day Closes, Terence Davies, 1992

The Long Day Closes + Q&A

10 Sep 2014

'Beautifully poetic, never contrived or precious, the film dazzles with its stylistic confidence, emotional honesty, terrific wit and all-round audacity.' Time Out

A hypnotic, bittersweet ode to boyhood, cinemagoing, postwar working-class family life, Catholicism and glacial erosion, The Long Day Closes follows Bud, a lonely young boy growing up in Liverpool in the 1950s. Told as a trance of memories and moments, the film’s particular brand of sadness, beauty, breathtaking rhythm and atmospheric cinematography is emblematic of why writer-director Terence Davies is one of the great artists of contemporary British cinema.

The movie will be shown from a 35mm print and is followed by a Q&A with director Terence Davies, plus an introduction and complimentary programme booklet from repertory cinema curators The Badlands Collective.

The Long Day Closes, dir. Terence Davies, UK 1992, 85 mins 

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