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K.R. Manoj, Kanyaka Talkies (Vigin Talkies), 2013

London Indian Film Festival: Kanyaka Talkies (Virgin Talkies)

16 Jul 2014

A gripping tale is woven around Kanyaka Talkies, a twenty-year-old movie theatre in a sleepy Kerala village, where the mainstay was the screening of soft porn. The theatre owner moves away and leaves the theatre to the parish, which decides to convert it into a church. The priest who comes to the village to spread the word of the Lord is haunted by a woman's voice. Whose voice is it? Is it the voice of the countless heroines from C grade movies, which were previously screened in the cinema? The priest is slowly driven crazy and suffers a crisis of faith. Adding to the mix is a woman who leads the double life of a home nurse and a porn star. The film deftly weaves themes of body, desire, guilt and forbidden pleasures into its racy and spellbinding narrative.


Kanyaka Talkies (Vigin Talkies), dir. K.R. Manoj, Malayalam with English subtitles, 115 mins, India 2013, cert. 12A

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