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London Indian Film Festival 2013

19 Jul 201321 Jul 2013

The London Indian Film Festival (LIFF) returns to the capital for its fourth edition, bringing you some of the hottest new Indian independent films.

The LIFF programing team has been scouring the Indian sub-continent to bring together a carefully curated slate of quality films by some of the world's most innovative and challenging filmmakers. 

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  • Nikhil Mahajan, Pune 52, 2012

    LIFF 2013: Pune 52

    19 Jul 2013

    The life of a private detective undergoes a dramatic change when he takes up a case that is deeply personal and highly complex.

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  • Elías León Siminiani, Mapa, 2012

    LIFF 2013: Mapa

    20 Jul 2013

    A young Spanish director is fired from his job, and travels to India hoping to make his first feature film - only to discover that his real investigation is not in India, but in Madrid.

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  • Pawan Kumar, Lucia, 2012

    LIFF 2013: Lucia + Q&A

    21 Jul 2013

     In a drama that breaks new ground for Kannada cinema, an usher in a run-down cinema begins to experience weird and wonderful dreams that have life-changing properties - but which come at a price.

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  • Q, Tasher Desh, 2012

    LIFF 2013: Tasher Desh + Q&A

    21 Jul 2013

    Director Q returns with this psychedelic take on Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore's namesake play.

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