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LKFF: Katuri - A Story of a Mother Bird

3 Nov 2012

Originally published as a children’s novel, this heartbreaking story is an allegorical sketch of the powerless people who lived through one of the most tragic periods in Korean history.

A mother pheasant, Katuri, and her 9 little children enjoy the peaceful spring time by the beautiful countryside, but the happiness doesn’t last very long. A forest fire occurs and all of the animals and birds living in the forest struggle to escape from the quickly-spreading-wildfire. Katuri and her family also battle through the fire, but get trapped.The great love and the noblest sacrifice made by Katuri save her children from the fire.

Dir. Jung Gil-hoon, South Korea, 2012, 28 mins. 


E.g., 15-08-2018
E.g., 15-08-2018