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LKFF: Acoustic

11 Nov 2012

Episode 1.
Se-gyeong, a vocalist who is suffering from a rare disease, can only survive on ramen noodles. She runs out of the hospital in order to make known what could be her last song.

Episode 2.
Sung-won and Hae-won, the guitarist and drummer of a poor rock band, can’t live without music. However, their precious guitar is stolen, and while they suspect the bakery owner as the thief, his identity is revealed and the music god sleeping inside these two youngsters awakens.

Episode 3.
Sometime in the future where sound becomes a weapon and music has vanished, an off-the-wall young girl named Jin-hee uses a broken earphone as a mirror. One day, her arm gets hurt by a baseball thrown by a boy named Ji-hoo. Ji-hoo, who is busy trying to fix Jin-hee's arm, finally tries to sell the earphone. But Jin-hee won't let him sell it since it is the only link to the faint memories of her childhood. The encounter between Jin-hee, who desperately wants to listen to music, and Ji-hoo, who doesn't know anything about music, brings light to an off-the-wall love story.

Dir. Yoo Sang-hun, South Korea, 2010, 88 mins. 


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