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Image: Captain America

Live from Kirby Plaza...

15 Apr 2008

X-Men, Silver Surfer, Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man are just a few of the pop-icon pantheon co-created by comic artist Jack Kirby, also known as 'The King'. To coincide with a new art book by Kirby's biographer Mark Evanier, Comica celebrates his life and career with a slideshow and panel discussion.

Speakers: TV and radio presenter and collector Paul Gambaccini; Kim Newman, writer, broadcaster, journalist and critic specialising in horror and fantasy; Chrissie Harper, editor of Jack Kirby Quarterly. Evanier and John Morrow from Jack Kirby Collector join us via a live internet link-up, with Kirby himself (who died in 1994) appearing virtually via sound extracts from a 1993 interview.

Hosted by Paul Gravett, director of the Comica Festival, held every year at the ICA.

Please note: Jonathan Ross is now not able to participate due to work commitments.  




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