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A Little Pond (Ja-geun-yeon-mot), Dir. Lee Sang-woo, 2010

A Little Pond (Ja-geun-yeon-mot)

13 Nov 2010

In the summer of 1950 Korea experienced one of its worst massacres where at the No Gun Ri Bridge American soldiers gunned down 300 refugees under the orders that North Korean spies were among them. Hugely controversial and barely even released in its native Korea, A Little Pond finally clears up some of the mysterious circumstances that surrounds the killings.

Featuring an all-star cast and real interviews with people involved in the incident, the film shows an unbiased view of what transpired. It masterfully pulls in the audience, showing through no one single protagonist, and many great Korean actors, Song Kang-ho (Thirst, Secret Reunion) and Kim Roe-ha (Radio Days, Save the Green Planet) what it must have been like for each and every refugee.

Dir. Lee Sang-woo, S.Korea, 2010, 35mm, 86mins


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