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Illustration: Camera Man

Little Pencil: August 2009

7 Aug 2009

Sac Magique and his accomplice Ville Savimaa are part of an exceptional group of illustrators and graphic designers based in Finland and the ICA is very lucky to have them here this month.

Sac Magique, originally from Britain, describes himself as 'an illustrator who likes to draw grotesques with lumps and protuberances' which is funny but not entirely true! His work is beautiful and very imaginative and he has really carved out a style unique to himself.

He has worked with Ville in the past and they also collaborate musically so this will be a wonderful mix of music and drawing for all the children attending.

4.30pm Screening of Len Lye shorts

Len Lye was an experimental film maker in the late 1920s and 30s, making beautiful, mostly abstract films. This will be preceded by a short guided tour of the projection room for the children where they will be shown the film and how it is projected.

5pm Break and refreshments

5.30pm Little Pencil workshop

Sac Magique and Ville will play music they find inspiring while they and the children draw what the music makes them think of.

6.30pm End


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