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Little Indi, dir Marc Recha, Spain/France 2009

Little Indi

16 Oct 2009

Arnau (Marc Soto) lives with his elder sister Sole (Eulàlia Ramon) and brother Sergi (Eduardo Noriega) on the outskirts of Barcelona. Their mother is in Vad-Ras prison and Arnau wants to find a way of ensuring she gets a proper trial, but a good lawyer is expensive and money is tight. Arnau, however, begins to realise that he has the possibility of securing extra funds for the family. Can he bear, however, to part with the thing that could be the answer to the family's financial problems?

From Catalan director Marc Recha comes a contemporary fable of a society suspended between city and country, where change is the order of the day but not all are able to adapt to what the future holds. Newcomer Marc Soto gives a memorable performance as the awkward, lanky teenager increasingly tempted by the possibilities represented by his wayward, roguish uncle Ramon (Sergi López in vintage form). Recha shows his habitual attention to the rhythms of rural life in pacing the film, but the narrative – juggling references from Saint-Exupéry's Little Prince and De Sica's Bicycle Thieves – renders Little Indi a wonderful tale on the laws of nature and the social constraints and regulations that govern how we act.

 dir Marc Recha, Spain/France 2009, 88 mins


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