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Pawan Kumar, Lucia, 2012

LIFF 2013: Lucia + Q&A

21 Jul 2013

In a drama that breaks new ground for Kannada cinema, an usher in a run-down cinema finds himself suffering from insomnia. He begins to experience weird and wonderful dreams that have life-changing properties - but these come at a price!

Set against the backdrop of the teeming metropolis that is Bangalore, Lucia is a vibrant rollercoaster ride that blurs the line between dreams and reality to extraordinary effect. Just as fascinating as the film itself is the story of how it was made by Pawan Kumar, director of the award-winning hit Lifeu Ishtene. The first crowd-funded production in Kannada cinema history, Lucia was financed entirely by its eager audience.

Followed by a Q&A with director Pawan Kumar and cinematographer Siddharth Nuni.

World Premiere

Lucia, dir. Pawan Kumar, India 2012, 135 mins, cert. 15, Kannada and English with English subtitles


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