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Life Like + Intimacy of Strangers

16 Sep 200617 Sep 2006

Life Like. The cut-throat world of taxidermy is under the spotlight in this genuinely oddball observational documentary of obsessives. Best in Show meets Weekend at Bernies.

The Intimacy of Strangers. We used to have to make an effort to overhear other people's conversations. Now we have to make an effort not to. A story of life, love, loss and hope - constructed out of real, overheard mobile phone conversations of random strangers. Simple and absorbing, a film which elegantly eavesdrops.

Screening followed by Q & A with Director and Producer of The Intimacy of Strangers

Life Like
Canada 2005 Dir Tally Abecassis
52 mins. Subtitles

Intimacy of Strangers
UK 2005 Dir Eva Weber
20 mins.


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