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Anton Corbijn, Life, 2015


2 Oct 20158 Oct 2015

In 1955 actor James Dean was on the cusp of stardom. Aged 24 and a rising force in Hollywood thanks to his role in East Of Eden, he was on the verge of landing the lead in Rebel Without A Cause, the film that would turn him into an icon.

Dane DeHaan (Chronicle) gives a magnetic performance as Dean, in this intimate portrait of him far removed from the rebel we think we know. Troubled photographer Dennis Stock (Pattinson) is assigned to shoot Dean for Life magazine. Corbijn’s film is a potent reminder of what a unique presence James Dean was – his tormented glamour ultimately captured by Stock in a series of striking pictures, helping to cement his lightning-in-a-bottle iconic status. DeHaan truly captures the actor’s slow-burning intensity as well as his oft-unseen innocent rural side.

Life, dir. Anton Corbijn, Canada/Germany/Australia 2015, 111 mins.

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