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Still: My Amityville Horror, Dir. Eric Walter, USA 2012.

LFF: My Amityville Horror

12 Oct 2012

In January 1976, after just 28 days in their new home, the Lutz family fled the infamous 112 Ocean Drive, claiming to have endured an onslaught of poltergeist activity. The story of perhaps the most famous haunting in history is a familiar one to most, attracting a media frenzy at the time, and later spawning a runaway bestseller and horror film franchise. Focusing purely on Daniel Lutz, eldest son of George and Kathleen, who was 10 years old when his parents went public on the alleged haunting, this documentary offers what might be the most compelling insight yet into what really took place. With the purported facts of the case already so well documented, director Eric Walter does not need to relay every supposedly supernatural occurrence, instead digging deep to uncover a sad and strange tale of family dysfunction, exposing the very real horrors that lived much closer to home.

Dir. Eric Walter, USA 2012, 88 min.


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