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Still: I’m Going to Change My Name, Dir-Scr. Maria Saakyan,  Armenia, Russia, Denmark, Germany 2012.

LFF: I’m Going to Change My Name (Alaverdy)

12 Oct 201214 Oct 2012

Based on the Armenian ‘Sharakan’, a nine-part song that brings us gradually closer to meaning, Maria Saakyan’s new film further develops the poetic invention apparent in her first feature, The Lighthouse. Focusing on the world of a 14-year-old girl, Evridika, who is experiencing the first extremes of adolescent emotion, it makes effective and imaginative use of her private world centred on internet chat rooms and mobile phone recordings. The film’s originality lies in a dream world of images and poetry (Rilke’s poems to Orpheus and Eurydice, and Saakyan’s own), in which the Armenian landscape also plays its role. Her mother’s former lover returns, giving rise to unforeseen consequences and parallels. Her film, says Saakyan, is designed to reflect the different dimensions of love. While this is a highly personal work, one can find influences as various as Tarkovsky and Maya Deren

Dir-Scr. Maria Saakyan, Armenia, Russia, Denmark, Germany 2012, 96min. Prod.Victoria Lupik. Cast: Evgeny Tsyganov, Arina Adju, Maria Atlas-Popova Prod Co. Anniko Films.


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