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Still: Mosaik Im Vertrauen, Dir. Peter Kubelka, Austria 1955

LFF Experimenta: Peter Kubelka: The Essence of Cinema

11 Oct 2012

The seven films made by Peter Kubelka between 1955 and 2003 are an extraordinary demonstration of cinematic possibilities. In the ‘metric’ films Adebar, Schwechater and Arnulf Rainer, each individual element is precisely placed in relation to each other and the whole, resulting in a rhythmic viewing experience that articulates his assertion that ‘film is not movement’. The ‘metaphoric’ works Mosaik im Vertrauen, Unsere Afrikareise, Pause! and Dichtung und Wahrheit explore ways in which meaning can be constructed by the juxtaposition of images and sound. Astounding at first sight, our understanding of these films deepens with repeated viewings.

‘Kubelka's cinema is like a piece of crystal, or some other object of nature: It doesn't look like it was produced by man; one could easily conceive that it was picked up from among the organic treasures of nature.’ (Jonas Mekas)

Mosaik im Vertrauen
Dir. Peter Kubelka, Austria 1955, 16 mins.

Dir. Peter Kubelka, Austria 1957, 1 min.
Dir. Peter Kubelka, Austria 1958, 1 min.
Arnulf Rainer
Dir. Peter Kubelka, Austria 1960, 6 min.
Unsere Afrikareise
Dir. Peter Kubelka, Austria 1966, 13 mins.
Dir. Peter Kubelka, Austria 1977, 12 mins.
Dichtung und Wahrheit

Dir. Arnulf Rainer, Austria 2003, 13 mins.

Total running time 62mins

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