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Still: Breaking the Frame, Dir-Prod-Scr. Marielle Nitoslawska, with Carolee Schneemann, Canada 2012.

LFF Experimenta: Breaking the Frame

10 Oct 2012

Part of LFF Experimenta, Breaking the Frame is the first feature-length documentary on Carolee Schneemann, an artist whose pioneering work has transformed discourses on the body, sexuality and gender. In cinema history, she is primarily known for Fuses, an honestly explicit film of lovemaking from a feminine viewpoint shot between 1964-67. For decades, Schneemann has similarly challenged taboos in other media, making paintings, performances, video, collage and installations in which personal experiences are absolutely entwined with formal considerations: ‘Form is emotion. I work towards metaphors of sensation, a dramatisation of loss and recovery.’ Her kinetic performance style, developed while a key member of the Judson Dance Theater, produced pieces such as Meat Joy, Up To And Including Her Limits and Interior Scroll, now regarded as seminal works of live art. In this mesmerising film, which forgoes chronological biography, the artist generously shares her memories and extraordinary personal archive.

LFF Experimenta brings together cutting-edge cinema, artists’ film and video and the avant-garde.

Dir. Marielle Nitoslawska, with Carolee Schneemann, Canada 2012, 100 min.


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