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Les Silences du Palais,Dir Moufida Tlatli, 1994

Les Silences du Palais + Intro by Ros Gray

24 Sep 2011

In this beautiful film by director Moufida Tlatli (herself a film actress), set in a large labyrinthine country palace at the end of the colonial era, the young Alia realizes, on her return to the palace where her mother Khedija has worked all her life, that the women working there, including her mother, have been exposed to the old code of droit du seigneur – and she is unable to affect any change in the situation. One of the most distinguished feminist films from the Arab world.

The questions raised in Tlatli’s film have lost none of their potency or urgency in almost two decades since its release, and the Arab Spring has refocused the tension around the role of women in society, as Egyptian and Tunisian women were at the forefront of the revolutions still ongoing.

Introduced by Ros Gray, Lecturer in Art Practice, Goldsmiths College, and Tutor for Research, Royal College of Art, preparing the monograph The Vanguard of the World: Cinemas of the African Revolution.

Dir Moufida Tlatli, Tunisia 1994, 127 mins


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