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Sébastien Lifshitz, Les Invisibles, 2012

Les Invisibles

19 Jul 201323 Jul 2013

Known primarily for gay art-house dramas such as Come Undone and Wild Side, French director Sébastien Lifshitz moves into documentary mode with the candid, often amusing recollections of eleven elderly men and women – some single, some in partnerships – of their awakening to their sexuality in less-than-tolerant pre-war France.

Happy, sad or confused, some became campaigning advocates of non-monogamy, while others forged couple relationships that have lasted to this day. All of them express pride at having maintained their moral and sexual integrity, and one, a single farmer now in his late 80s, reflects fondly on the joys of bisexuality: 'the best of both worlds', as he puts it. Intercut with poetic landscapes and revealing archive material, Lifshitz’s unhurried, domestically set interviews are both touching and life-affirming.

Les Invisibles, dir. Sébastien Lifshitz, France 2012, 115 mins, cert. TBC, French with English subtitles

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