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Jean-Luc Godard, Le Mepris, 2016

Le Mepris

2 Jan 201621 Jan 2016

★★★★★ "Few films have achieved such elegance" Simon Kinnear, Total Film

★★★★★ "Arguably the director’s only film that could bring tears to your eyes" Jonathan Romney, The Observer

★★★★★ "Godard's superlative adaptation is a closely focused account of an intense but destructive relationship"
Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent

Le Mepris stands out as the highpoint of screen icon Brigitte Bardot’sand Jean-Luc Godard’scareer.

Based on Alberto Moravia’s A Ghost at Noon, Le Mepris exemplifies and excoriates the tawdry glamour of 1960s international filmmaking. The story concerns a woman’s gradual and increasing contempt for her husband who is assigned as scriptwriter to a troubled production of The Odyssey and finds himself caught between an ageing director, determined to capture the authentic spirit of Homer, and Jack Palance’s crass American producer. Long unavailable and embellished with glorious technicolour photography and plangent score, Le Mepris makes a welcome return in a newly struck print.

Le Mépris (New Trailer) - In cinemas 1 Jan 2016 | BFI release

Le Mepris, dir. Jean-Luc Godard, UK 2016, 103 mins.

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