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Latin Shorts

Latin Shorts

11 Sep 2006

Shorts documentary programme looking at the influence of Hip-Hop in Latin societies against a backdrop of racism, corrupt governments, and poverty in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, oppressive social conditions in Cuba and war torn Columbia.

Estilo Hip-Hop
(Short Version) Cuban Hip-Hop
USA 2004 Dir Loira Limbal and Virgilio Bravo
11 mins.

Inventos: Hip-Hop Cubano Contemporary Cuba
USA/Cuba 2004 Dir Eli-Jacobs Fantauzzi
50 mins.

Resistencia: Hip-Hop in Colombia

A rare look at the Hip-Hop street subculture

Colombia/UK, 2002 Dir Tom Feiling

51 mins.

Presented in collaboration with The Hip-Hop Association


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