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Late September, Dir. Jon Sanders, 2012

Late September

15 Jun 201219 Jul 2012

Set in a picturesque country house in Kent, Jon Sanders’ Late September is a gently compassionate but never sentimental portrait of later-life relationships. As Ken and Gillian, married for over thirty years, welcome their guests for Ken’s 65th birthday celebrations, a cluster of dormant, resentful sentiments bubbles to the surface, adding further tension to the couple’s already strained marriage.

Sanders responds to time and budgetary constraints with tremendous creative economy and meticulous preparation; and yet the film never feels overly concise or hurried. Cinematography is gracefully unintrusive, capturing the events of the party and its aftermath in long, smooth takes, while improvised acting lends a manifestly naturalistic feel. The lead couple’s chemistry, in particular, superbly evokes the niggling antagonism cultivated over years of wedlock.

Inviting comparisons with Festen, and with Mike Leigh, Late September nevertheless maintains its unique character. By turns delicately comic and quietly tragic.

Director Q&A
There will be a Q&A with director Jon Sanders after the 6.30pm screening on Friday 15 June.

Dir. Jon Sanders, 2012, UK, English, 87 mins.
Cast: Anna Mottram, Richard Vanstone, Charlotte Palmer.


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