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L'Amour Fou, Dir. Pierre Thoretton, 2010

L'Amour Fou

4 Nov 201117 Nov 2011

The story of designer Yves Saint-Laurent's extensive career and a view on his intimate relationship with Pierre Bergé, his lover and business manager. The film uses Bergé's organising of the largest auction of any personal art collection ever seen after Saint-Laurent's death as both a window into the designer's closely guarded personal life and tender farewell to their fifty year professional and personal relationship.

As the vast collection is catalogued and readied for auction, we see how Saint-Laurent's love for art served as influence and inspiration for his own unique, professional aesthetic, giving us a rare insight into how the designer's eye for beauty developed. Along the way we get a potted history of the 20th century's key cultural figures from Andy Warhol to Mick Jagger. L'Amour Fou is not just a documentary of an artist but the story of how a shy man fell in love with art and found a unique way to communicate this to the world.

Dir. Pierre Thoretton, France 2010, no cert, 100 mins


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E.g., 27-06-2019