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Lala Pipo, dir Masayuki Miyano, 2008

Lala Pipo

13 Nov 200930 Nov 2009

A comedy-melodrama based on the bestseller by Hideo Okuda and adapted by Tetsuya Nakashima, the director of Kamikaze Girls and Memories of Matsuko. The multi-stranded narrative weaves together tales of sexual shenanigans in contemporary Tokyo, with no behaviour too bizarre or extreme to find its way onto the screen. A talent scout for the sex industry becomes a nominal leading character and linking device, but otherwise this is a riot of raunchy fun that doesn’t shy away from the more sad and sordid aspects of the stories.

A Third Window release.

dir Masayuki Miyano, Japan 2008, 93 mins, subtitles, digibeta


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E.g., 21-09-2018