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Jordi Torrent, La Redempcio Dels Peixos, 2013

La Redempcio Dels Peixos

23 Aug 2014

Marc travels to Venice in a quest to meet the father he never knew - a rite of passage for a young man seeking to make sense of his own life story - but in the process he discovers his father’s murky past. As he enters the age-old labyrinth of Venice with its temptations and its delusions, its beauties and its deceits - what will he bring away?

A shining example of modern Catalan cinema.

Followed by a Q&A with director Jordi Torrent.

Redemption of Fish trailer

La Redempcio Dels Peixos (The Redemption of the Fish), dir. Jordi Torrent, Catalonia 2013, 90 mins

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