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Still: La Antena

La Antena

1 Aug 200810 Aug 2008

Another chance to see this remarkable fantasy from Argentina, fashioned as a silent film (it's set in a city whose inhabitants cannot speak) and full of handmade expressionist special-effects and animated subtitles that give the film the look of a black-and-white illustrated pop-up book. The story tells of a group of free-thinking rebels fighting back against the evil Mr TV, who controls the populace via his hypnotic television broadcasts. Lovers of Tim Burton, Guy Maddin, Terry Gilliam and cinema's early experimenters won't want to miss this ingenious flight of fancy.

Released by Dogwoof.

Dir Esteban Sapir, Argentina 2007, 90 mins, Cert PG, subtitles.


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E.g., 23-09-2018