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Kitchen Stories, 2003

Kitchen Stories

1 Jun 2012

Showcasing films from the ICA Films archive we are pleased to present Bent Hamer’s timeless tragi comedy.

In the early 1950s Sweden's Home Research Institute is conducting studies into domestic habits. Armed with clipboards, a Swedish delegation arrives in a Norwegian rural district, with the aim of observing the domestic rituals of single men. One hapless observer, Nilsson, is assigned a particularly reluctant farmer who at first won't even let him inside the house. Soon, though, Nilsson takes up his vantage point on a wooden platform perched ludicrously in the corner of the kitchen - only to find that the farmer is watching him through a hole in the kitchen ceiling. Slowly, however, relations begin to thaw...

Dir Bent Hamer, 2003, 90 mins


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E.g., 22-09-2018