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Wanda Jakubowska, Encounters in the Dark, 1960

KINOTEKA: Encounters in the Dark

2 Apr 2017

Here Wanda Jakubowska looks at the Holocaust once more, but from the perspective of Polish slave labourers made to work in a German man’s factory. The film shows the great sense of community that arises from the group over their shared experience and genuine affection for each other. At the centre of the story is Magdalena (Zofia Słaboszowska), a classical pianist who is also captured and forced to work. Her formal and reserved demeanour means that it takes time for her to connect with the others, but she slowly finds a new kind of inspiration in her struggles and a new lease on life.

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Encounters in the Dark, dir. Wanda Jakubowska, Poland 1960, 107 mins, Polish with English subtitles


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